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Arvada is a growing, changing city, home to all sorts of unique people. We believe that all Arvadans deserve the opportunity to succeed and to showcase their talents. We support organizations that help all people, from youth to senior citizens, achieve their full potential.
Some of the ways that we support opportunities in Arvada include:
  • Donating to the Arvada Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth, which recognizes remarkable young people who have overcome obstacles and contributed to their neighborhoods.
  • Supporting even the smallest requests, like new uniforms for the Arvada High School Basketball Team, for which AVA removed a financial barrier, created school pride and a sense of community for youth in our community.
At AVA, we love making Arvada a better place to live and work. Some of our projects for building the Arvada community include:
  • Contributing to the Arvada Historical Society, which documents our history and provides educational opportunities for the community.
  • Donating to Bessie's Hope, which develops relationships between youth and senior citizens to keep seniors engaged and involved in their neighborhoods.
  • Supporting the Northey Foundation Drug Take-Back event, which funds scholarships for Arvada high school students.

Arts and creativity are an exciting aspect of life in Arvada. AVA aspires to create a city where everyone has access to great art and opportunities to express themselves, and where everyone can learn in exciting and creative ways. Some of the ways we promote creative education in our neighborhoods include:
  • Supporting the Outdoor Lab Foundation, which gives Arvada students an exploratory, hands-on science learning experience in the beautiful Colorado mountains.
  • Donating to the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering, which brings local musicians and music-lovers together for a weekend of creative fun.
AVA exists to build connections between organizations that need money and people who have money to give. We evaluate the needs of the community, select nonprofits that are making significant impact in important areas, and create an easy, convenient process for giving.

For nonprofits, we can help you build your reputation and connect with people who can help you grow.
For philanthropists, we can make sure that your generosity makes the maximum impact in your community!
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